Dual phase steel

Dual-phase steel (DPS) is a high-strength steel that has a ferrite and martensitic microstructure. DPS starts as a low or medium carbon steel and is quenched from a temperature above A1 but below A3 on a continuous cooling transformation diagram.

Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe

Dual-phase steel (the Super Duplex Stainless Steel, referred to as SDSS), also known as Dual Phase Steel.



It is mainly composed of ferrite and martensite steel, which can be low-carbon steel or low alloy steel by the treatment or control rolling of the critical region. The type of steel has high strength and high ductility, good co-ordination. Now, it has become a high strength, good formability new stamping steel successful for the auto industry.

Through proper control of chemical composition and heat treatment process, both the advantages of ferritic stainless steel and austenitic stainless steel duplex stainless steel due to the characteristics of the two-phase structure, it austenitic stainless steel with excellent toughness and weldability and iron ferritic stainless steel with high strength and resistance to chloride stress corrosion combined with superior performance of duplex stainless steel welding of structural materials has developed rapidly since the 1980s has become a martensitic, Austria steel type's size and ferritic stainless steel side by side.

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Duplex becomes brittle at extreme temperatures so its use is normally restricted to a maximum temperature of 300 degrees and shows signs of embrittlement at –50 degrees.

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